Export Solutions

Our Export Applications

Obtaining permissions from respective authorities in accordance with procedures and basis stipulated by the export regime and regulations (Control certificate, ATR, EUR 1, Certificate of Origin etc.)

Issuing certificates of clearance outward after all documents are completed; performing registration, inspections and determinations procedures at respective customs; delivering goods and accompanying documents to the carrier in accordance with the demands from customers , 

Closing the certificate of clearance outward after all goods are cleared through customs and customs confirmation is received by the respective customs, 

Delivering "Exporter Copy" of the closed certificate of clearance outward to the customer, 

Definite import transactions, 

Export procedures within the subject of Inward Processing Authorization Certificate, 

Export procedures within the subject of Inward Processing Communiqué ( 2001/7 ), 

Procedures relating to re-export of goods imported by means of temporary acceptance, 

Export procedures at no charge.

Our Export Services

We get all your export-related procedures started by means of providing your documents through our couriers within the shortest possible time just after you apply to us for your export procedures. 

Our office lets you directly perform your procedures related to certifications from chambers of commerce as well as certifications from exporters union and registrations of customs declarations through an online automation system called EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). 

You not only save time but also abstain from possible individual mistakes thanks to this new and contemporary system and special computer software we employed. 

We are always directly and uninterruptedly connected to the customs automation network on the basis of 24 hours per day by using special line connection and VPN approved by the Directorate of Customs Modernization Unit for the purpose of giving more speed to the registration transactions at the office. 

All documents are sent to you or your bank within the shortest possible time after completion of export procedures. All of your procedures are concluded on the same day by our personnel in charge at Istanbul customs.

"We present solutions that add value."